Take an industrial tour at your doorstep, Chongqing is a place to take you around the "Silk Roa

The high and low container is located in the corner of the city, the colorful of the outer wall breaks the dull early winter, the first sight of this place, the atmosphere of the clever integration of industry and art will come to the face, let people's eyes shine.

What kind of sparks can be created by the collision between industry and tourism? On November 16, the opening ceremony of "WINTUS Liangping Silk Manufacturing Cultural Space" was officially held, and a unique "silk journey" at the door of the house will be officially opened to the general public friends.

Millennium silk rhyme, see the traditional "Chongqing made" play new tricks

Sericulture and spinning have been going on for more than 5,000 years, running through all the history of China from ancient legends to written records.

Silk was clearly written on oracle bone inscriptions, weaving officials were in charge during the Shang and Zhou dynasties, and the bronzes of Shang tombs were covered with silk fragments. Earlier in the Neolithic Age, the Chinese ancestors learned to raise silkworms and spin silk.

Tracing the origins of silk from today, both in folklore and archaeological documents, is full of romantic imagination.

As an important silk production and development base in China, Chongqing is one of the six traditional silk producing areas in China. Under the background of the current slowdown in the development of the entire silk industry, there is such a private enterprise to get rid of the single business model, so that the traditional "Chongqing made" silk is covered with the wedding clothes of art and culture, and the marriage of the tourism market is smooth.

CHONGQING WINTUS (NEW STAR) ENTERPRISES GROUP is mainly engaged in the production, processing and trade of mulberry, cocoon, silk and silk products. With the largest silkworm base and reeling silk processing plant in Chongqing, it is a group company integrating the whole industrial chain of trade, industry and agriculture. The Group's own brand "WINTUS" was assessed as "well-known export brand" by Chongqing Municipal Government and "high-grade silk symbol" by China Silk Association.

The construction cycle of "WINTUS Liangping Silk Manufacturing cultural space" project is 7 months, following the opening day on September 9, 2017, the project phase II experience space has been initially completed, and the launch ceremony was held on November 16, and the tourism acceptance work is basically mature.

Walk close to the factory and experience a section of the "Silk Road" at your doorstep

Do you know how smooth and beautiful silk is made?

From cocoon selection, cocoon boiling, silk reeling, silk winding, weft winding to weaving, dyeing and finishing, every step is quite exquisite.

The "WINTUS Liangping Silk Manufacturing Cultural Space", built with the latest environmental protection construction materials, takes the industrial production process, factory style, workers' life scenes as the main tourist landscape, attracting tour groups and independent tourists.

Listening to the roar of the machine from far to near, watching the workers busy production in the workshop, personally experience a silk production process, tourists in the process of visiting according to the planned route, you can understand the corporate culture, experience the whole production process of silk products, feel the "made in Chongqing" silk, experience a wonderful journey of traditional and modern integration. For young friends, it is a good opportunity to increase knowledge and broaden horizons.

In the experience center, the experience project is designed for different age levels, which is suitable for calling friends to experience together, but also suitable for a warm and short outing for the family.

Creative, rich live experience activities are just waiting for you

"WINTUS Liangping Silk Manufacturing Cultural Space" live experience activities are rich in content, and different projects are launched from time to time, whether it is research, parent-child travel, team building, personalized customization or leisure tour around, it can be realized here. For group trips, customized assistance is available.

The main experience activities are

1.Silk ancient book binding

The selection of classic texts from ancient classics (Tao Te Ching, Sun Tzu's Art of War, the Analects of Confucius, Di Zi GUI) allows visitors to have a deeper understanding of ancient Chinese traditional culture. In addition, you can also experience the fun of binding ancient books.

2.Silk hand painting

Our own Mulberry Garden base provides raw materials. Through the visit of the on-site workshop, visitors can understand the silk weaving process, understand how high-quality silk is produced, and learn the traditional silk production process.

More professional art teacher on-site teaching, want to experience the fun of drawing silk scarves? Do you want to know about various traditional printing and dyeing processes such as hand painting and jet painting? Then you don't want to miss this experience, and finally you can take your own hand-painted silk scarves home as a collection.

3.Cocoon handicrafts

Like DIY crafts, the crowd is always "imaginative" with whimsy friends, must experience a cocoon handicrafts.

Using cocoon as raw material, give full play to creative ideas, through a simple process, make unique cocoon small crafts, which can be used for collection and use.

For different ages, you can design and make small crafts with varying degrees of difficulty, such as children can make cocoon small animals, cocoon cartoon characters, etc.; Teenagers can make cocoon combination model; Adults can make cocoon corsage, cocoon decorations and so on.

4.Silk silk drawing experience

Winter is coming, covered with a bed of soft silk is a good sleep, is simply the ideal life! By understanding the natural properties of silk quilt, the staff explains the correct use and maintenance of silk quilt, helping visitors to have a further understanding of silk quilt and a better use experience.

5.Grow up with the baby silkworm

In the world of children, there is a warmth called "grow up with you".

Silk Manufacturing Cultural Space" in order to let more children know about the life of silkworms, provides the "claim" activity for silkworms.

After the children claim it, they can remotely observe the whole growth process of the baby silkworm from "silkworm seed - silkworm ant - small silkworm - big silkworm - silk spinning - cocoon forming", and finally they can get silk products as a permanent memorial. Do you have a cute baby mom and dad? Take the baby and go!

Transportation Guide:

1.Self-drive: navigation search "WINTUS Group" (Liangping District Shuanggui Road Industrial Park). Chongqing to Liangping self-driving full high-speed, high-speed travel about 2.5 hours, off the highway 3 minutes to drive to the store.

2.High speed train: Chongqing North Railway Station - Liangpingnan (about 1 hour and 09 minutes from the departure).

3.After arriving at Liangping, you can take bus No. 206 from "Liangping South Station" to the "Administrative Examination and Approval Center Station", opposite to change 205 and get off at "Pingwei Industrial" station.