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The Chamber of Commerce is a bridge and link between the government and enterprises, and between enterprises and enterprises. It is its mission to coordinate the relationship between enterprises and the government and serve the development of enterprises of the Chamber of Commerce. However, with the changes of The Times, members' demand for the services of the Chamber of Commerce continues to increase, financing, investment, training, rights protection... For the Chamber of commerce, there is no economic strength, there is no service ability. The premise of "raising the club through business" must be to follow the principle of fund operation safety and ensure that the risk is controllable. This path must be explored carefully, within the means, do not overreach, steady and steady, only in order to take new steps.

To business will raise, "a hundred flowers bloom in spring garden." The Chamber of Commerce makes profits through business investment and operation, resource integration and other business operations, meets the daily expenses of the chamber of commerce, and even has a surplus. The Chamber of commerce participates in the market to achieve benefits, so that it can have its own hematopoietic function, and the input of fresh blood can make the chamber of Commerce service enterprises more dynamic. The Chamber of Commerce organically combines the resources, strength and funds of member enterprises, absorbs various resources and talents in the process of development, expands contacts, shares information, and brings business opportunities and benefits to members in the process of integrating resources.

There are several essential conditions and points to note in the development mode of business associations' operation, otherwise it would be very difficult to implement it.

First, the internal cohesion of the chamber of commerce should be strong enough that members have enthusiasm and enthusiasm to participate;

Second, the specific project must be beneficial to member enterprises, and members have needs;

Third, the specific business can not conflict with the business of the member enterprise, if there is a conflict, to choose the mode of cooperation with the member enterprise;

Fourth, the staff of the Chamber of Commerce needs to constantly develop ideas, integrate various social resources around them, and serve the development of the chamber of Commerce and member enterprises;

Fifth, the specific project is best combined with the actual development of the chamber of commerce;

Sixth, the operation of the "business support Association" must not deviate from the basic goal of serving members, and "service" must be the most fundamental cornerstone of all the work of the chamber.

Now each chamber of commerce is cooperating with banks, while serving the financing loan needs of member enterprises, charging a part of the financing service fees, including member personal VIP card, enterprise account opening, POS machine installation, etc., has also become an operation mode of the chamber of commerce "to raise the club", and even become the main income of some chambers of commerce. Financial services have better consolidated the members, formed a strong force, and laid a good foundation for the future expansion of conference affairs. The financing needs of member enterprises are the most concerned, so the cooperation prospects between the Chamber of Commerce and banks are very good. However, the financing services will be restricted by the national policy guidelines, once the national funds are tightened, the financing services of the chamber of commerce will be affected or even restricted.

One is to form an alliance of chambers of commerce or reach strategic cooperation agreements with the head offices or branches of several cooperative banks under the leadership of the General Chamber of Commerce, so as to guarantee certain quotas and preferential conditions for financing of the chamber of commerce when national policies change;

Second, the chambers of commerce form a joint force to negotiate prices with banks and strive for the most favorable interest rate policy. At present, the cooperation between chambers of commerce and banks is not equal to some extent. Banks need to be more inclined to chambers of commerce in terms of service and interest rate, and chambers of commerce should have a greater say.

Third, a guaranteed investment company can be established on the basis of the Chamber of commerce, and even several chambers of commerce can jointly establish a larger guaranteed investment company, and the participating chambers will set up business divisions to serve the member enterprises of the chamber of commerce.

However, any single source of income may face relatively large risks, "business support association" must broaden its thinking and implement diversified development routes. As long as it is the actual needs of members, various service models can be considered. A chamber of commerce that can work with insurance brokers to consolidate all insurance operations of its members is a good example. Integrate all kinds of vehicles owned by member companies of the Chamber of Commerce, find an insurance company with good reputation and good service to cooperate, and provide better insurance services at a discount rate of 20%. At the same time, the chamber of Commerce can collect a portion of the profits from the insurance company as the expenses of the daily work of the chamber of commerce. In this way, while the members benefit, the chamber of Commerce also gains profits, and the insurance company also expands its business, achieving a three-way win-win situation.